Ceramic and Metal Component Prototyping
~ Functional Prototypes and Production ~

Miniature Chemical Process Device
CAM-LEM specializes in the fabrication of ceramic and metal microfluidic devices.

For more information, see Microfluidics.

CAM-LEM, Inc. has developed technologies revolving around the formation of metal and ceramic components by joining sections of molded, machined, or cut-sheet green bodies composed of metal or ceramic powder bound by an organic binder. This class of technologies allows you to:
  • increase your design flexibility
  • interchange design materials without compromising manufacturability
  • introduce novel structures into your designs
  • invent new things
Select from the following technologies for more information:
  • The CAM-LEM Process rapidly creates high-integrity ceramic and metal components directly from your solid CAD model
  • Green machining retains much of the geometric freedom and rapid turnaround times found in most rapid prototyping processes but offers a superior surface finish and a wide selection of materials.
  • The Inteform process simplifies the manufacture of more complex parts and opens up dramatic new potential for introducing novel structures into your designs
  • Green casting quickly creates small runs of parts using rapidly-prototyped semi-permanent tooling.

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