Ceramic and Metal Component Manufacturing
~ Advanced Fabrication Technologies ~

Alumina ceramic microfluidic device closeup
Strength In Miniature

We are dedicated to applying our advanced manufacturing technologies to the rapid development and manufacture of ceramic and metal components for microfluidic applications and technologies.
Microfluidic device fabrication
Prototyped metal terminal, no tooling required
Alumina ceramic component (50mm dia) made via the CAM-LEM process
Cross-section showing internal cooling channels in 3.7mm 316 stainless plate
Metal prototyping
without tooling
Direct ceramic component prototyping
Micro-thin stainless steel fluid circuit prototypes
Microfluidic Chemical Process Device - Lab on a Chip
Miniature integrated chemical processing device

Cross-section of stainless steel component showing internal cooling channels
Internally cooled stainless steel tooling
  • Increase your design flexibility
  • Miniaturize and integrate
  • Introduce novel structures
  • Invent new things

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