Ceramic and Metal Component Prototyping
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The Inteform Process
Steps in the Inteform Process
    Our exclusive Inteform process combines the materials flexibility and easy formability of Metal Injection Molding (MIM) with our patented bonding operation. Pre-formed green metal parts are bonded together in their green state such that during sintering they fuse to form high-integrity, gas-tight components.

    The example at left shows one example of how the Inteform process simplifies the formation of complex parts by using a two-part mold rather than a multi-segment mold.

Additional advantages of the Inteform process are:

  • provides a path for volume manufacturing of metal parts with all the geometric flexibility normally associated with rapid prototyping machines.
  • produces complex internal structures such as fluidic cooling channels that could not otherwise be machined or cast
  • minimizes distortion when joining parts together since it is performed in the green state using low temperature and pressure, as opposed to techniques required to join sintered metal parts
  • eliminates the need for fasteners or seals in components typically bolted together
Integral 3-layer rotor, 26mm diameter
Three-layer alloy steel rotor component
26 mm diameter

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