Ceramic and Metal Component Prototyping
~ Functional Prototypes and Production ~

CAM-LEM, Inc. prototypes and manufactures high-integrity ceramic components using processes that eliminate the need for direct machining of ceramic material or hard tooling.  Prototypes can be quickly and inexpensively produced, with changes to the geometry and material composition readily accommodated.

50 mm diameter alumina ceramic component

Alumina is a widely used ceramic for applications requiring high temperature service up to 1500 degC, electrical insulation, or chemical resistance.  We can also introduce controlled porosity to decrease weight and improve handling of thermal gradients and shock.

ZTA (zirconia-toughened alumina) component, 9 x 6 x 2.5 mm Other ceramics available for use in our processes include zirconia, zirconia-toughened alumina (ZTA), silica, and a variety of oxide and non-oxide ceramics.
Green (left) and sintered (right) silicon nitride nozzles, about 16 / 14 cm high Silicon nitride is a high-performance ceramic with excellent wear and thermal shock resistance, and with a toughness comparable to cast iron.  It is ideal for mechanical, structural, and fluid flow applications where erosion, abrasion, mechanical shock, and extremely high temperature gradients are present.

Ceramics formed via the CAM-LEM process can have:

* Complex geometry
* Fully dense microstructure (>99%)
* Uniform density
* High mechanical strength
* Internal features
* No requirement to make a mold

Our green-cast components may have:

* Rapidly-prototyped molds
* Full density or controlled porosity
* Limited-quantity production
* Excellent mechanical integrity
* Very good surface finish


Three 50 mm tall alumina heads
Alumina ceramic components,
50 mm high.
Silicon nitride disc, 52 mm diameter
Silicon nitride disc,
52 mm diameter, 3.1 mm high
Ceramic cylinder with integral fluid flow channels
Cylinder with integral cooling channels
Recreation of a dog femur specimen in alumina
Recreation of a dog femur section

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