Ceramic and Metal Microfluidics Manufacturing
~ Functional Prototypes and Production ~

Microfluidic Devices

The following images show various microfluidic components manufactured by CAM-LEM, Inc.

Micro separator
First-generation device for separation of ethyl alcohol from water. The ceramic component is electrically heated by two 20-watt heaters. The solution enters at the right, alcohol vapors exit at the top, and the depleted water exits at the left. This setup produces a steady, continuous flame for as long as the liquid solution is supplied to the device. It's safer than traditional batch separation processes because only a small amount of material is being heated at any time. It starts in less than a minute and the flame self-extinguishes within 5 seconds after input flow is shut off.

Alumina ceramic microfluidic separator distiller
Microfluidic separator device, backlit to show internal channels. This ceramic material is naturally translucent. 107 x 35 x 1.6 mm.

Alumina ceramic microfluidic separator distiller
Microfluidic separator device, backlit with push-fit fittings installed. These are standard brass fittings with the threads cut off and a small step machined into the back so they fit into the recess provided on the part. They are secured with a two-part epoxy.

Microfluidic reactor
Microfluidic heating / reaction device, showing internal multi-level criss-cross structures (left), and the complete closed package with barbed brass fittings installed. 68 x 56 x 2.4 mm.

50 micron wide, 750 micron deep microchannels in 316L stainless steel
Side view of a 316L stainless steel cross-flow heat exchanger prototype. Features 4,500 channels 50 microns wide by 750 microns deep in a 75 x 75 x 18 mm package.

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Last modified 2005 September 26