Ceramic and Metal Component Prototyping
~ Functional Prototypes and Production ~

Our preferred file formats include:
  • IGES for 3D model geometry
  • DXF for 2D layer-based microfluidic designs
  • PDF for detail drawings.
SolidWorks users: Please export as IGES files.

Please compress large files (about 4 MB or more) prior to sending by E-mail.   ZIP format is fine.   Send large files in separate E-mails.

We also accept files in the following CAD formats:

  • STL (stereolithography), ASCII or binary
  • IGES
  • Rhino .3dm
or we can create a 3-D CAD model from your drawings.

To send your files via the Internet:

  • Send files via E-mail to but only if the compressed file is less than 1 MB in size (otherwise please use FTP).
  • FTP the files to using the login name anonymous and sending your E-mail as password. Change to the incoming directory (/pub/incoming), and send the files Or, using newer versions of Netscape or Internet Explorer you can upload them from your web browser, such as selecting the File->Upload Files menu item in Netscape. In any case, once sent, files are invisible to all others.
  • Call us with instructions on how to retrieve the file from your site.

You may also send us files by mail. We can accept the following media formats:

  • CD-ROM
  • 3.5" floppy diskette
  • 100 MB Zip disk
  • 1 GB Jaz disk

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Last modified 2005 September 7